Liliana Fung is a Certified Life Coach who brings Balance and ClearVision to #Creatives & #ADHDstudents through accountability, practical advice and daily support.

  • Earned an M.A. in Psychology in 2012
  • I've worked for 250+ clients in various settings, including private practice, outpatient treatment facility, group homes, and schools.
  • I was blessed with a CREATIVE MIND, I'm sober since 2011, a Recovered ADD & Depression Survivor
  • I enjoy the process of coaching people to do what matters to them.
  • Became a Certified Life coach in May 2016 and haven't stopped doing professional coaching ever since.
  • Most hire me for Productivity, Study/Wellness Habits & For Accountability in their many goals.
  • Currently serving both locally in Los Angeles County, California, and also worldwide through both chat coaching, and phone/video coaching.

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PO BOX 3878
United States
Phone: (818) 396-7831